Wortmann & Spilker’s excellent teaching

Both Dr. Sue Wortmann and Dr. John Spilker were nominated  by students for NWU’s highest teaching honor, the Margaret J. Prouty award, this spring. While neither Gender Studies professor was selected this year, Sue (professor of Women and Crime and Sociology of Gender) won the Exemplary Teacher award in 2015 and John (professor of Sex and the Arts and Music and Gender) won the Exemplary Teacher award in 2014. Previous Exemplary Teachers also include Dr. Meghan Winchell and Dr. Sandy McBride. This year’s Prouty nominations show that both students and faculty recognize thatGEND SEX picSue Wortmann Sue and John are outstanding professors.

Exemplary Teacher Sue Wortmann, professor of Women and Crime & Soc of Gender, noted for service

Pillar of the Gender Studies program and great friend of the GAP, Dr. Sue Wortmann has been recognized with the Exemplary Teacher award for her impressive service to NWU, including revising the Gender Studies curriculum, advising GAP coordinators, and helping the institution figure out Title IX. Her amazing service to the Lincoln community includes writing grants for the Asian Community and Cultural Center, teaching ELL through Lincoln Literacy, working with Fresh Start Home and with Released and Restored. Thanks to Sue for such vigorous and meaningful work! We are lucky to have you.

Exemplary Teacher Award for GEND/Soc prof

A Major Event: Why Major in Gender Studies? Come find out Wed., Oct. 14, 7:30 #nwugenderstudies

Is sexuality about romantic love—or is it biology?

How does a boy become a man? What does it mean to be a woman? How many possibilities are there?

Where do our ideas about gender come from, anyway?

Why study gender?

  • Explore some of today’s most culturally relevant scholarship
  • Reflect on connections between your experience and theory
  • Take classes in music, religion, film, and psychology
  • Develop critical thinking, writing and research skills
  • Get professional practice in a local organization
  • Go out into the community and be a change agent

Internship opportunities may include:

  • Empowering young women through YWCA
  • Teaching yoga to girls at Lancaster County Youth Services Center
  • Creating programming at NWU’s Gender Advocacy Place
  • Teaching English to Middle Eastern refugees at Middle East/North Africa Hope

Questions? Contact the Program Director, Gerise Herndon, cgh@nebrwesleyan.edu

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One of the primary lenses through which humans see and experience the world, gender is a central organizing principle in many cultures.  Gender plays a part in everything from our most individual health concerns to the broadest international political debates. While most prominent voices in medicine, music, economics, art, history, psychology, literature, and sociology have been men’s until about a century ago, women’s voices and experiences have emerged to reshape the story of humanity. Gender studies helps us understand how and why US women’s roles have changed dramatically over the past 50 years while expectations of masculinity have remained mostly the same.  The field can also inform us about how other countries have surpassed the US when it comes to certain measures of health and human rights, and NWU students can see intersections with other students. Men have a gender, too, and men also experience oppression. Gender Studies serves to educate all students: female, male, lesbian, gay, trans, or wherever students might find themselves on the continuum. We can all benefit from examining our assumptions about sexualities, gender roles and expectations. Gender studies attends to differences  besides gender: love, sexual orientation, age, ethnic heritage, ability, class, and nationality among them. By paying attention to many layers of identity and power, gender studies complicates explanations that rely on a single story.

Music & Gender Studies prof witness to history-making Supreme Court announcement

You read it here first. Now the Lincoln Journal-Star picked up the story from Associated Press photo of Dr. Spilker outside the Supreme Court when the marriage equality decision was announced. The Gender Studies blog shared the news last week, and we’re glad it now has a wider audience.

Nebraskans witness history

Congratulations Sandra Mathews on the Faculty Scholar Award

Professor of History, instructor of Gender Studies class Women of the American West, Sandra Mathews was recently honored with the Faculty Scholar award. Prof. Mathews was recognized for her prolific and collaborative research with students and faculty, specifically her award-winning text Women on the North American Plains to which Sandra McBride also contributed.


Upcoming Events


There are two very exciting events in the following week on Wesleyan’s campus we felt you should know about:

On Wednesday, November 7 at 4:00 pm in Prairie Wolf A & B (in the lower level of the student center), The Women’s Commission will present “Ask for What You are Worth: Salary Negotiating Tips for Women.” The speakers will include CJ Thoma, Janelle Andreini, and Larry Hughes. The Women’s Commission felt that negotiation skills may aid young professionals in the movement to close the salary gap as well as in advancing their careers.

On Friday, November 9 at 12:00 pm in Old Main 109, The Gender Studies Department is proud to present Anchalee (Joy) Panigabutra-Roberts’ program “Human Trafficking Research in Nebraska, the U.S., and Beyond.” Panigabutra-Roberts serves as Metadata & Multicultural Services Librarian and Women’s and Gender Studies Faculty Liaison at the UNL Libraries. She has published research on human trafficking, serves as one of the chairs for the Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Trafficking at UNL, and has co-organized human trafficking conferences in Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. She will be speaking in support of recent legislation on human trafficking in Nebraska.

Please take part in the opportunities this campus provides and attend these exciting events.