End the Year with a Bang

Good Day Gender Advocates!

There is so much that has been going on here at Nebraska Wesleyan and it’s about time I share it all with you!

Last week was earth week! yay Earth! Abbie Feden, one of our amazing advocates and former co-coordinator spent the entire week representing the GAP by putting on the Menstruation Sensation event and putting GAP on the NWU map at the fair! I was able to attend both events and I must say, my mind was completely blown with her creativity and inspired by her passion for the GAP! At the menstruation event, she created a safe space for anyone of all genders to gather and embrace menstruation. As many of you may know, this is not a well spoken of topic and sometimes may be perceived as “awkward”, but Abbie kicked woman butt and made the event such a blast! Because it was earth week, Abbie and the GAP handed out free samples of eco friendly condoms for males and females, diva cups, earth friendly lubricant, and embraced sexuality to a whole new level! Shout out to Abbie for her awesomeness!!Image-1.jpg

Also, TODAY we will be celebrating the Gender Studies Department! From 4:00-5:30pm TODAY in the All American Room at the Weary Center here on campus! Please help us celebrate the end of another great year in NWU Gender Studies! We will honor the 2016-2017 accomplishments of Gender Studies faculty and students and thank Gerise Herndon as she completes a fourteen year term as chair of the program. Additionally, we will be welcoming Dr. Abigail Mitchell to the GAP family as the new chair of the program, so if you haven’t had a chance to meet this fierce professor, now is your chance to stop in and say hello! Oh, and it’s not a Gender Studies event if food is not there, so of course appetizers and beverages will be provided and just a little hint to everyone… I heard that the menu was thought out very carefully, so we are definitely in for a treat by coming to this awesome event!! Again, 4:00-5:30 in the All American Room TODAY April 27th! We look forward to seeing you all there!!

Lastly, another shout out moment to our co-coordinators for some of their current work they have been completing! If you have been around campus, more importantly the library, then there is a good chance you were able to see Hailey Bird’s awesome display on the first floor! This display also features the amazing artwork of another GAP member, Emma Krenzer who has recently been a viral star with her image reflecting touch! Shoutout to these awesome Ladies for their hard work!IMG_5096.JPG

Lastly, our other co-coordinator, Jinni Barak has been super busy in the theatre department directing her show F2M which performed all this week! ” It’s Parents weekend at Parker’s college. his girlfriend Lucy has invited her mother. Linda Lou, whereas Parker’s parents are expected to be absent. their unwarranted arrival places Parker in a battle surrounding his family, girlfriend, and his gender identity!” Shoutout to Jinni for an awesome production!

What an awesome community of lovely people who are bringing awareness in their own ways and doing what it takes to continue the movement towards gender equality! We are so proud of the hard work and passion that has come from our advocates! Good Work to everyone!! You all Rock!!


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