We Are Awesome

Hello Everyone!

I am so proud of our community here at Wesleyan and the opportunities we provide one another in academia. This week the Gender Advocacy Place and Pride Alliance brought guest speakers on campus to discuss and educate our community on pressing issues happening within our society today!

On Tuesday, the GAP hosted LeeAnn Pancharoen from Planned Parenthood for the Healthy Relationships event. LeeAnn discussed with us the importance and impact of consent. Through discussion and group activities we learned that the concept of consent has many interpretations and it’s important that we are aware of every situation where consent is necessary. LeeAnn taught us how to instigate the conversation with a significant other or future intimate partner and taught us so much about how consent is what helps make a relationship healthy. Following her talk, Lindsay Spaulding from Voices of Hope and our campus advocate here at NWU spoke about Title Nine here on campus and what resources are available to all students in the case where consent was not mutual and how we can use those resources if we are ever in that traumatic situation! Huge thanks to both LeeAnn and Lindsay!17758189_604819053043547_8401378283695183542_o

The next day, Wednesday, Pride Alliance hosted Samuel Brinton who is a survivor of Conversion Therapy! To pretty much sum up his talk, his life accomplishments are basically the definition of Life Goals!! He graduated with his Masters from MIT in nuclear engineering, but also has a Masters in Opera. He has performed on Broadway and additionally works with President of the United States in regards to nuclear systems. Two complete opposite ends of the spectrum, yet he accomplished it all! Also, he knows Michelle Obama on a personal level…. LIFE GOALS!!!

Sam was raised by two Southern Baptist ministers and endured years of reparative therapy to “fix” his homosexuality. He is the founder of an organization called 50 bills 50 states that is currently moving to protect LGBT youth from having to endure conversion therapy nationwide. Sam is an amazing speaker and it was truly an honor to have him on campus and hear his inspirational lecture. Thank you to Sam and Pride Alliance for this amazing opportunity!


Coming up this month, the GAP will be participating in the End Rape On Campus Event this Thursday April 13th from 2:00-4:00pm at UNL! Lindsay Spaulding will be speaking and I know she would love to see some prairie wolf representation at the event! So if you are interested in attending, there are flyers posted around campus or you can email Jinni and Hailey at nwugap@gmail.com! We look forward to seeing you there!!

Additionally, the GAP will be participating in Earth Week as well as having our Menstruation event. I will post more details leading up to the event, so keep an eye out for that coming up! Until next time friends!


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