National Women’s History Month

As the month of March is coming to an end, I wanted to take this opportunity to share an awesome photo created by our own Gender Advocate, Kate Engle. She is the creator of this fantastic poster and I thought it was important that everyone got the chance to see and read these great facts about awesome females!GAP BLOG- Women's history month

Please enjoy this lovely poster and remember how awesome humanity is! Peace and Blessin’s!

“Women’s Movements in India” Coming to NWU!

Hello Friends,

We are so lucky to have such an amazing opportunity coming to our campus here at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Professor Binda Paranjape will be speaking in Dr. Lisa Wilkinson’s class on Thursday March 30th in Old Main Room 207 from 12:20pm – 1:30pm.

For those who don’t know,  Binda Paranjape is a Professor of History at Bananas Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India. She comes highly recommended and  her presentation will not be one to miss, so I encourage anyone and everyone to come hear her speak. If anyone needs a little more convincing, the following link is a video from National Geographic showing a conversation between Binda and MORGAN FREEMAN! The Hindu Interpretation of Creation

Such a powerful video! Like I said, You won’t want to miss this!


Finally, It’s time to announce our next Gender Advocates of the week. I say plural because this week I could not choose between the two ladies I had in mind. They are the co-coordinators of the Gender Advocacy Place and both do so much for the GAP. I’d like to introduce you all to Hailey Bird and Jinni Barak.


Hailey Bird is Sophomore at NWU and studying Sociology, Gender Studies, and Marketing. She joined the GAP because she is passionate about equality and the GAP provided the perfect opportunities for her to express her interests in advocacy and give a voice for those who can not. She also loves being a part of a community of students who share the same common interests with her. After her time at NWU, Hailey hopes to move somewhere with more diversity and a more expressive LGBT community. YOU GO GIRL!

Jinni Barak is a Junior at NWU studying Theatre and Social Change. Jinni Joined the GAP because the organization stands for so many ideas parallel to what she believes in. Being a part of the GAP allows her to collaborate with other students and organization on campus to advocate for gender equality. After her time here at NWU, Jinni would like to join a progressive theatre company that focuses on feminist issues and more than likely move to Chicago. Good Luck Jinni, You a Cool CAT!

Let’s Talk

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break! I certainly enjoyed my time sleeping in, watching Netflix, and being with my family! In the midst of everything going on, I had an extended moment of realization. For those of you who do not know, my parents are both ministers and part of the job description is providing support and pastoral care to families who are going through a tough time. This week two very lovely human beings from our church family were admitted into hospice care. These individuals have been battling an incredible fight with cancer, but realized that time is of the essence. There’s a level of comfort in knowing that their pain will soon go away, but sometimes it’s hard to comprehend how much time we are given. I’m saddened to say that one of these individuals passed away just hours after being admitted (not even 40 years old yet) and the other individual has been given 6 months to live. While watching my parents work hard to comfort the families in their time of grieving, I realized and asked myself a few things.

1.) Today was the Transgender Rights are Human Rights rally

2.) Why do we wait until the last minute to share the love in our hearts?

3.) Everyday is a gift, we don’t necessarily need to always live in the moment, but we do need to realize the world we are leaving behind.

We live in a world that can’t decide the best way to treat people. In a way, we may all be scared of what is to come and instead of comforting one another, we are fighting to the finish to protect ourselves. I hear the phrase “Love is Love” all around me, but are we really living that out to the fullest extent. Personally, I know I haven’t. I hold grudges against those I care for, I have moments of greed, I have experienced more than my fair share of poor judgement calls, I worry about my future every day (especially with graduation quickly approaching) and I know I am not the only one. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m ready to say enough is enough! It is time to forgive those who have done wrong by you, ask for forgiveness from those you have done wrong by. Love those around you near and far! support one another and show compassion! complete random acts of kindness! Be a friend in your community! Be genuine! Be Beautiful! Be someone you can be proud of! I know this is what I want to strive for and I encourage many of you to do the same! If anything, re-live the golden rule we were taught in elementary school: Treat others the way you want to be treated! Imagine what our world would be like and the possibilities that could evolve for human kind just by this one rule and this kind of mindset! I definitely want to believe that a lot of our problems could be solved or at least find a door to open up discussion.

I know that these words are easier said than done. I know that this might also be interpreted as either a silly rant or a cloud 9 idea that went way over my head. That’s fine, but as I sit here and ponder these thoughts and watch these families, I can’t help but feel motivated to keep pushing for a better outcome within our community. I can’t help but believe that there is a light to be discovered at the end of what seems to be a very long tunnel.