Written by Soraya Chemaly, an inspiring and always educating feminist author I had the chance to meet in D.C., this article shares the FACTS of rape. She explains the old tradition of men with power defining what rape is and when it happens to women. We continue to hear them in the news, and they continue to be appalling comments that are never based on fact. So Chemaly shares these facts and says, “Steeping our selves in denial or happy oblivion is hurting too many people and has the potential to hurt a lot more.” A few of the shocking facts are listed below but be sure to read more from her article in the Huffington Post.  

  • CDC estimate of women raped per year could be as high as 1.3 million
  • A woman’s chance of being raped in the US: 1 in 5
  • Number of US women impregnated against their will each year from rape: 32,000
  • Number of states in which rapists can sue for custody and visitation: 31
  • Rank of US in the world for rape: 13th
  • Number of rape kits untested in Detroit: 11,303
  • Percentage of rapes that college students think are false claims: 50%
  • Percentage of rapes that studies find are false claims: 2-8%
  • Pentagon’s estimated percentage percentage of military assaults not reported: 80-90%
  • Number of women raped in 1990s Bosnian conflict: 60,000+
  • Number of women raped per hour in Congo during war: 48
  • Country where women are imprisoned for being raped: Afghanistan 
  • Chances that a woman in the US is raped versus gets breast cancer: 2 to 1
  • State where in 2012 a doctor is facing the loss of her medical license for providing an abortion to a pregnant 10 year old incest rape survivor: Kansas
  • Country where major party’s vice-presidential candidate wants to criminalize all abortions including rape-related ones, because rape is just “another method of conception”: US

I had a hard time narrowing down this list because all were equally alarming. I don’t want this blog to be a constant sharer of bad news but instead I hope it guides people to see the rape culture that exists in the US and around the world is allowing endless harm. 


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