Women in the Workplace

After reading this NYT book review of ‘What Works for Women at Work,’ by Joan C. Williams and Rachel Dempsey, this book has been pushed to the top of my post-graduation reading list. Mother and daughter, Williams and Dempsey, detail four patterns as the major problems women face in the male dominated work force and how to overcome them. These include:

1. “Prove-It-Again!,” a descriptive bias that requires women to constantly demonstrate their competence

2. “The Tightrope,” a prescriptive bias that forces women to find a balance between the competing poles of masculinity and femininity

3. “The Maternal Wall,” which pushes working mothers to be at home rather than in the workplace

4.“The Tug of War,” which compels women to defend their own coping strategies and condemn those of others

APRIL 11, 2014)

According to The White House, shared on this week’s National Equal Pay Day, women still earn 77 cents to the male dollar. Also as Millennials we face an unemployment rate that is over that of the national average. So as young people, and especially as young women, there is a lot to consider when entering the workforce.

Also consider attending the Women in the Workplace Conference at NWU on April 26th. This is being put on by the Women’s Foundation of Lincoln and Lancaster County. It will include workshops on these issues and great opportunities to network with Lincoln’s engaged women. 


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