The Young Women’s Circles Program

I wanted to take a minute to share my latest project with all of you, one I am very proud of. My friend Alex and I, along with the YWCA are creating a new group called the Young Women’s Circles Program. This program will focus on the empowerment of young women, specifically those in the 8th grade as they make the often uncertain transition into high school. The YWCP will take place over five weeks and we will meet with the small group of women and discuss the happy, scary, uncertain, and exciting parts of life by focusing on self-reflection, leadership skills, goal setting and lots and lots of dialogue. We hope that every woman can be happy being themselves and that is why we decided to start this program. With larger issues of gender inequality and violence against women on the tip of our tongues, we believe the way to lessen these issues us by empowering one young woman at a time. Alex and I will host our first session soon so please follow us on Facebook and Twitter!



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