“In New York City, Making Strip Clubs Go Dry, Then Go Away”

Now that I am done with my pop culture heavy related posts (for now) ….I read an interesting article about successful attacks against strip clubs in New York. I am very interested and involved in the work against human trafficking. Thanks to guidance from my NWU Gender Studies courses and professors, I have looked into the connections between trafficking and prostitution. I understand that many see prostitution, and other sex industry institutions such as strip clubs, as a legitimate business that women can chose to take part in.

I see it differently.

While I understand there may be a few women who honestly decide this to be their line of work, the facts are that the average age of entry into the sex industry is between 12 and 14. There is also a strong connection with the women involved in prostitution to a history or childhood of violence. Can one really say a woman selected this line of work if she was introduced into it as a child? In New York many strip clubs are being closed or are under attack by way of liquor licenses. This has shown to be quite effective in closing these businesses; take away the alcohol and they loose clients. Complaints to Liquor Authority and restrictive zoning laws have made it hard for new strip clubs to survive. I would have liked to see a mention about the dangers that strip clubs bring but am glad to read that communities are going after the tolerance of the sex industry in the US. 

Read more here in The New York Times


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