NWU Spring 2014 Gender Studies Classes

Communication and Gender: Rachel Pokora- This course offers an exploration of theories of the creation and perpetuation of gender and gender roles through communication. In turn, students will consider the question of the impact of gender on communication. Students will examine gender in a variety of contexts including families schools, and media.

Intro Women’s Studies: Brad Tice- This course serves as an introduction to feminist theory and the study of women’s experience from biological, social, political, psychological, and historical perspectives. The students will consider images of women in various media compared to the realities of women’s lives. Special attention will be given to the differences in women’s and men’s lives due to race, class, and ethnicity. Field work addresses the problems women confront in U.S. society such as rape, incest, abuse, poverty, and discrimination.

Masterpieces Coming of Age: Daniel Lewis- An introductory course designed to help students appreciate the literary record of human relationships with nature, the supernatural, and each other. Each course examines a particular question or condition as it is represented in a restricted number of literary works, with core readings from the Bible, Greek or Roman classical literature, Shakespeare, literature by women, and literature by writers of color.  Coming of Age- Becoming Women, Becoming Men: This course looks at texts that represent the forces and processes that are part of maturation, especially those related to gender identity. This course focuses on gender issues and includes feminist perspectives. 

Women and Religion: Rita Lester – This course will examine the roles of women in religious traditions. Students will encounter scholarship on gender, religion, and feminist theology in different traditions. The primary focus of this course will be on the religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, although other traditions and contemporary religious movements may be considered.

Music and Gender: John Spilker- “From Hildegard von Bingen to Nicki Minaj, this course examines the ways in which social constructions of gender have shaped the interpretation, reception, and historical narratives of popular, classical, and traditional music styles. Through historiography and musical analysis, we will discuss systems of domination and subordination along with stereotyped and biased assumptions about women and men pertinent to the music of specific cultures and time periods.”

Family Violence: Lisa Borchardt – This course will expose students to the various types of violence experienced by individuals and families across their lifespan. An introduction to various theories used in working with survivors of abuse will be presented and students will learn about bruises and fractures associated with child abuse. The influence of societal “isms”, culture, gender, and sexual orientation related to violence will be incorporated into the material being discussed. 


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