Let the games begin!

The 2014 Sochi Olympics are upon us. As I have shared in previous posts, sports aren’t my thing, but when it comes to the Olympics I can’t help but get enthralled. But as you watch this year, I urge to keep an eye on what is happening in Russia. The anti-LGBT laws that exist in Russia were not something I knew much about until my time in Washington D.C. when I went to the US Capitol to hear 4 Russian LGBT activists speak of the extreme abuses occurring under the oppressive President Putin. Under these laws banning gay “propaganda,” Russian LGBT activists have been arrested, abused, and beaten during civil protests. NBC’s Bob Costas says that NBC will not ignore these issues and will carefully cover all events to ensure the safety of LGBT Olympic competitors. With the world watching, I am happy to hear that the international competitors will likely be safe…but what about the Russian LGBT individuals? 


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