A hello from your new NWU Gender Studies blogger

My name is Becca and I am a senior at NWU. This last semester I had one of the most enriching experiences as I interned for Amnesty International USA as a part of Nebraska Wesleyan’s Capitol Hill Internship Program. I spent three and a half months working under two inspiring women in the Women’s Human Rights Program where I learned about the issues and inequalities facing women around the world. I was lucky enough to be a part of the exciting and pain staking work that goes into getting a bill introduced into Congress. I celebrated with Amnesty as The International Violence Against Women Act was reintroduced, by republicans and democrats, and I see this as a huge step in the right direction.

But all of my work was not focused on the policy level, I learned what grassroots activism really is, as I learned the stories of the on-the-ground-activists and shared the with the public through social media. I met with some of these activists from Egypt, Haiti, and India and the inspiration they left with me will carry on far past my time in our nation’s capitol.  My day-to-day work surrounded me with topics of women’s status in the world, violence against women, struggles for international LGBT communities, maternal care, feminism, and the terrifying ways that inequality turns to danger for so many around the world. But in the face of the many heartbreaking stories I often heard, the idea that a few loud voices can bring about meaningful change, still gives me hope.

Being educated in Social Work and Gender Studies at NWU, I have learned my passions lie in social justice, equality, and women’s rights. I have returned for my last semester before graduation to continue contributing to the dialogues occurring on campus about inequalities. I hope that this blog will be a safe and fun place for us to share our thoughts. I will post weekly about all things gender studies so let me know what you are reading, hearing, and thinking about!