Check out Prof. Mathews-Benham’s latest project!

Check out Prof. Mathews-Benham’s latest project!

Sandra Mathews-Benham, professor of History of Women of the American West, was featured in an article on creative ways to fund projects like her second book.


2 thoughts on “Check out Prof. Mathews-Benham’s latest project!

    • This tweet is not from a student at NWU, but victim-blaming is all too pervasive. Anyone who has ever worked in the field of sexual assault or knows anything about survivors will know that the first reasonable response is to believe the survivor. Most people in the larger culture don’t want to believe that the violence happened. Most respond immediately by questioning the validity of the report. Read Lucky by Alice Sebold to see how even violent stranger rape is enormously difficult to prove in a court of law. The legal system retraumatizes the survivor, so no wonder most survivors don’t report the crime. Believe the survivor because it takes great courage to report and the majority of sexual assaults go unreported.

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