Gender Studies at the NWU Student Symposium, May 8

All day on Wesleyan’s campus, students from across departments will be presenting on their research and creative work. Several Gender Studies and Gender Studies related presentations will be taking place as follows:

Angie Beezley    Trans identity formation: Personal narratives of
trans-masculine people    Sociology    11:00AM-12:00PM    Great Hall

Rebecca Brune    Should Cinema Have a Social Responsibility in Representing Prostitution?    Gender Studies    1:00-1:20PM    SC 242

Becca Boellstorff    Writing her own story: Ofelia of Pan’s Labyrinth and Non-Gendered Narration    Gender Studies    1:20-1:40PM    SC 242    Oral
Louisa Ehrlich    The (Un)Ethical Use of ‘Human’    Gender Studies
1:40-2:00PM    SC 242    Oral

Sammi Campbell  Heavy  Philosophy 2:00-2:20PM SC 242 Oral

Megan Scherling    A Comparison of Gay Marriage Policy in Canada and the
United States    Modern Languages    2:20PM-2:40PM    SC 225    Oral


This is an incomplete list, and there are many presentations that will pique the interest of the Gender Studies-minded! A full schedule can be found here. A reception will be held at 4:30pm in the Great Hall. Hope to see you all there!