Alum of the Week: Ashley Ermer!


Profession:  Graduate Student in the Human Development and Family Studies Department at the University of Missouri

Favorite Gender Studies Memory: 

 Gender studies thesis meetings with Gerise, Emily, Natasha, and Mallorie.  We couldn’t have had a better semester to write our gender studies theses, considering there were four of us as writers.  The political campaign along with the controversy over the Affordable Care Act brought up many topics (not always happy topics!) of discussion and helped us to generate our thesis ideas.  A good dinner or two always helped keep us sane 🙂
How has the major/minor helped you in your career? 
The gender studies major has given me a much broader perspective in nearly every avenue of life-not just in my studies.  It has allowed me to look at a situation from all points of view instead of the side that I have experience with or the side that makes the most sense to me.  At the moment, my research area is conflict in close relationships so a feminist perspective (and all of my gender studies knowledge!) is definitely a perspective I am familiar with and a perspective I hope to utilize in my future research.
What advice do you have for current students?  
Get a double major in gender studies (or minor)!  On my graduate school visit, I was asked constant questions about my gender studies major (and little about my other major).  It is definitely a talking point and it stands out on applications (whether it is a graduate school or job application)!  Make sure to take advantage of opportunities on-campus and get involved with the Women’s Resource Center-they have fun and informative activities for women and men!  Yay feminism!


Hello NWU Gender Studies Devotees!

My name is Sammi Campbell, and I am now running the Gender Studies blog since Emily has graduated. I realize I have very large shoes to fill, but I am hopeful and grateful to have this opportunity. Here’s the face behind the blog:



I am about to profile a couple of alums, but would love to hear what types of news the readers would like to hear! In the comments below, please give any suggestions you may have. I plan to update weekly though I have been delayed on this first post (sorry).

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