Student of the Week!

Natasha Sutliff!!

Hometown: Grand Island, NE

Major/Minor: Gender Studies and Psychology Major

Why did you choose Gender Studies?: Gender Studies helped answer a lot of questions for me.  In high school, I always had that rage to say something when someone would make a sexist, or disempowering comment.  Now, no one can say anything around me without me saying something back 🙂
What is one of your favorite Gender Studies moments?: I loved our Feminist Ryan Gosling moments in Feminist Theories!  And forming close relationships with my fellow feminist research buds 🙂

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned from Gender Studies classes at NWU?:  The relevancy of Gender Studies.  Gender Studies, being an interdisciplinary major, requires you to take many classes with students that are not necessarily familiar with gender studies and its purpose and sometimes you just want to say, “are you kidding me?”  But it demonstrates how necessary courses in Gender Studies are.

Also, to always challenge your own beliefs.  Learning different perspectives from students and theorists help define what I believe; whether it changes what I originally thought or helps current perceptions become more concrete.
What are your plans following graduation?:  In February, I decided to take a nanny job over the summer so that I didn’t have to worry about the application and interview process during the academic year.  I feel it was the smartest move for me.  Although, it will be difficult to talk about the presidential campaign to a 4 and 1 year old.  In the long run, I want to eventually find something in victim assistance or possibly forensic psychology.

Favorite activity outside of school?:

Other interesting facts about you: I have two, long-haired chihuahuas, Roxy and Delilah that I absolutely love to spend time with!  I love TV shows!  My boyfriend and I often spend all day getting into a new one at least once out of the month. [Yay for Netflix!]  I also love catching up with all my family and friends on Facebook.  And grabbing drinks with my friends has definitely been necessary lately as a good stress reliever 🙂

Yay for feminism!!!


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