“How is Gender Communicated?”

This post is a little belated (sorry, Gender Comm Students!!) but there’s still time for you to go check it out!!


“How is Gender Communicated?” Art Project

The “How is Gender Communicated” art project depicts Gender Communication students’ analyses of texts ­ from advertisements, songs, movies, and television shows, to everyday language use and clothing choices ­ that aim to understand the gendered messages we are surrounded by every day. Students’ art will be displayed this Wednesday (yesterday!) starting at 2:00 through Friday at 2:00 in both the Great Hall and in the Student Center (outside the cafeteria).  The project is meant to be attention-catching and to get the campus community thinking/talking about gender in our daily lives.  Please note that some of the art contains language that may be offensive to some viewers (potentially offensive art will be mainly confined in the Student Center).  The Gender Communication students have done a fabulous job with
these research projects, so please come out to support them!  Thanks!
–Rachel Droogsma


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