Student of the Week!

Mallorie Wickizer! Image

Hometown: Lincoln, NE. Grew up in Valparaiso, NE

Major/Minor: Psychology and Gender studies majors

Why did you choose Gender Studies?: Because it is interesting and relevant in any line of work I might enter. I was so happy to know there is scholastic evidence to support to my opinions and beliefs.

What is one of your favorite Gender Studies moments?: Well, I really enjoyed Dr. McClain’s “sexy asshole” rants about Edward when we read Twilight in Masterpieces of Lit: Sexualities. But I also laughed really hard when Lisa (Wilkinson)  asked a student whether he remembered having the Oedipus complex. There are too many funny stories to choose a favorite.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned from Gender Studies classes at NWU?: Well, I think what I appreciate most about Gender Studies is that it encompasses a variety of classes and applies to every day situations.So I find it interesting to learn about things that I can apply outside of class.

What are your plans following graduation?: I will be taking a year off to work and pay off some loans and apply to graduate school.

Favorite activity outside of school?:

Other interesting facts about you: I like reading for fun, as well as watching: The Big Bang Theory, The Office, Parks and Rec, Last Man Standing. I love scary movies. Also love being outside!


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