Gender Studies Student of the Week!

Ashley Ermer!

Hometown: York, NE

Major/Minor: Psychology and Gender Studies Majors

Why did you choose Gender Studies?:  My high school participated in an Advanced Scholars online course program for college credit through UNL. I didn’t know what class to take and a course entitled Women in Contemporary Society popped out at me. Although I didn’t know at the time, this course truly shaped my outlook on life. Five years and a strong feminist attitude later I am graduating with a degree in Gender Studies!

What is one of your favorite Gender Studies moments?: In Communication and Gender, maybe three or four individuals raised their hands and the beginning of the semester to indicate that they identified as feminists. By the end of the semester, almost the entire class raised their hands. This was such a great moment, as it showed that a lot of people are ‘closet’ feminists and do not really understand the true meaning of the ‘F’ word until one understands the full context of feminism and that it really is not such a frightening concept.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned from Gender Studies classes at NWU?: Until I came to college, I had no idea about the ‘gender’ continuum. I think everyone should learn about this continuum as not everyone identifies as entirely male or entirely female but perhaps somewhere between or somewhere not even on the continuum! It appears as such a simple concept now, but at the time it was mind blowing!

What are your plans following graduation?: Next fall, I will attend graduate school at the University of Missouri-Columbia in Human Environmental Sciences with an emphasis in Family Studies. My program requires a collateral area, so I’ll likely go the Women’s and Gender Studies route for that!

Favorite activity outside of school?: Being outside or running.

Other interesting facts about you: I can turn my right foot completely backwards and I strongly dislike cheese.


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