Abla Hasan, Arpita Ghatak, Dave Gottschalk to present “Perspectives on Feminism” TH 7 pm Olin A

Gender Advocacy Place hosts its week of feminism with tonight’s “How to be a Feminist Activist” workshop and Thursday night’s panel on feminisms.

One of our speakers, Arabic language professor Abla Hasan, was interviewed in the Lincoln Journal Star for her reaction to Governor Ricketts’ position on Syrian refugees. Other speakers hail from as close as Omaha and as far as Bengal, India. Thursday promises a fascinating conversation.

Syrian voices in Lincoln

TJ: it's on us to help a victim report if he or she wants to

#NWU GAP in action: filming #It’sOnUs to raise awareness of sexual assault

The Gender Advocacy Place has been busy. Today they held a highly successful bake sale to draw attention to the wage gap. Cupcakes cost $1 for men and .78 for women (free of charge to those outside the gender binary).

This afternoon friends of GAP filmed segments stating why “It’s On Us” to stop sexual assault. TJ said,”It’s On Us to help a victim report sexual assault if he or she wants to.”

Sue Wortmann

After Prison, Then What? #NWUgenderstudies talk on challenges specific to incarcerated women

Dr. Sue Wortmann opens her Women and Crime class to campus Wednesday afternoon to help us learn about women in the justice system.

Who: Ruth Karlsson Released and Restored and guest
Topic: After Prison, Then What?
When and Where: October 28; Smith Curtis Room 142; 2:40-3:50
Issues addressed:
Meet Ruth Karlsson, founder and Executive Director of Release and Restored and learn about her non-profit organization’s role in enabling resilience after prison (and inside).
Hear a first-hand account of the experience of incarceration, resilience, and coping. (Ruth will bring a guest who is currently or formerly in the justice system).
Understand challenges that incarcerated women face in the system
Understand challenges that incarcerated women face upon re-entry
Understand incarcerated and released women’s’ methods of resilience and coping
Understand opportunities to work with Released and Restored.