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Happy Feminist Friday! Gender and Sexuality focus

The Gender Studies Program is excited to have created one of NWU’s threads, or areas of concentration, for our new Archway Curriculum. Students may choose to focus on Gender and Sexuality as part of their general education program. This semester we’re delighted to see Gender Studies classes at maximum capacity, including History of Women in the U.S., Philosophies of Race and Gender, Communication and Gender, and Family Violence Across the Lifespan.

Meredith Chesley

Why major in Gender Studies? Meredith Chesley (‘11) works with Central Community College in Lexington and Kearney: “It is a wonderful job that is fulfilling and allows me to apply my degree. I am so glad that I chose the path of Gender Studies.  Many of my family members questioned my decision, but it all worked out in the end.  I couldn’t ask for a better job right now, and one that I use my education constantly in. :-)  So tell those Gender Studies students that there are always jobs that appreciate a perspective that can consider how gender applies in society.”

NWU on sexual assault prevention: “It’s On Us” tonight 7 pm Callen

“It’s On Us”: preventing sexual assault

Tuesday, Nov. 19, 7 pm, Callen

Tuesday evening’s “It’s On Us” panel features the survivor story of an NWU alum. The panel will also include GAP co-coordinator Sydney Langley who, along with faculty members, recently attended a summit on campus safety and bystander training.

Dancing on the White Page with Dr. Kwakiutl Dreher, Friday, noon, OM 302

NWU’s Gender Studies Program welcomes Dr. Kwakiutl Dreher of UNL’s English department and Ethnic Studies program to the African American literature class, Oct. 24, noon, OM 302, to discuss her book Dancing on the White Page – Black Women Entertainers Writing Autobiography. . All are welcome.

A Major Event

Wednesday 8 October, 3-4pm, CSIT conference room: learn about the Gender studies program.

What is Gender Studies? Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws upon research in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, arts, and professional education. Our professors come from Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Nursing, Theatre Arts, Communication, Music, English, History, Political Science, Global Studies, Religion, and Philosophy.

How has gender influenced our psychologies? What has been the role of women and men in shaping history? Do we communicate differently based upon the gender of the person we are speaking with, writing to, or getting to know? Is there gender equity in politics? How has gender been represented in music? In literature? In religion? And where do our ideas about gender come from, anyway?

These are just some of the questions our program seeks to answer. Gender Studies explores one of the most fundamental questions of all educational and professional pursuit: what does it mean to be human? Because Gender Studies is multi-faceted, students are encouraged to make strong personal connections between what they study and their own experience.

We work with the GAP, or Gender Advocacy Place, on campus to host events like presentations such as “Love is Irrational: Why We Love and Loathe Twilight” and “fTm: Scouting the Unknown” and “Mobilizing for Women’s Rights in Africa” and “Feminist Debates in India,” “Dancing on the White Page: Black Women Entertainers Write Autobiography.”

Students regularly present their work alongside graduate students at regional conferences.

Former Gender Studies majors and minors have gone on to develop successful careers in violence prevention, Business, Economic Development, Social Work, and Education.

With Gender Studies, the possibilities are endless…